'Howard Stern': Memet Admits He Went Soft With His 19 Year Old Date

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Today on The Howard Stern Show, Memet told Howard and the crew what happened when he went out with a hot 19 year old girl this weekend.

Howard took a call from a woman who asked about Memet and offered an HIV test. Memet originally didn't want to talk about it because people have been calling him pedophiles.

Memet said that the date got messed up by Howard and his callers -- they got into his head.

The first thing that the girl asked was how old he was; she freaked out when he told her that he was 30.

Nevertheless, he was able to get the girl to go back to his apartment with him.

He started making out with her, and the clothes came off. Then he put his condom on -- he didn't jerk off before the date -- so he finished in seconds.

But the girl wasn't too upset, and he had a second chance. The second time, he put the condom on and within a minute he started to go soft -- so he faked an orgasm.

Ronnie decided to weigh in: he told Memet he has a problem.

He made fun of the fact that Memet doesn't do foreplay, and then he can't even keep it up. Howard suggested that Memet take Ronnie on his next date and coach him.

They then discussed a previous time when Memet just finished and then called an Uber for the girl to leave -- and she didn't even know.

Memet has decided that he's going to lay off women for a while. Howard will definitely follow up and tell us what happens next.

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