Amelia Scalies Soaks in Success of Debut Album

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Back in July, young singer and songwriter Amelia Scalies released her debut album 'I Should've Known'.

Since mid-summer, the talented artist has been spending her time soaking in the rising success of her release basking in the positive reinforcement from music critics around the country.

Rising from Philadelphia, Amelia Scalies is known to write music on her own terms, and while it's "certainly accessible, it's a far cry from the manufactured idol types and overtly sexual club music typically released by teen artists," a recent press release described the 14 year-old's unique sound and approach to creating her own music.

Being an extremely young artist, it has definitely been an exciting road down the musical path for Scalies.

Her alternative pop and indie sound has been compared to ever-popular vocal powerhouses in the industry including Haley Williams of Paramore, Alanis Morrisette, Avril Lavigne and Kelly Clarkson.

The fact that she has been put in the same category as these remarkable ladies is beyond a success in itself.

Though she is only in 8th grade, Scalies has been connecting and moving her audiences well beyond her years.

She has tons of awards and wins under her career belt, including being selected by Donovan Frankenreiter to open for his only Philadelphia show, has won two battle of the band competitions and was chosen to perform at the South Street Spring Music Festival in 2013.

In her years of performing, the young star has also performed in New York City, Baltimore, her hometown of Philadelphia and Washington DC, opening for musicians including Joe Robinson, Boy Wonder, WaveRadio, Dan Orlando and Beth Goldwater.

'I Should've Known' includes 11 tracks all writen by Amelia herself. Her lyrics focus mainly on "the human experience and universal themes," a recent press release explains. Included in these tracks is a cover of My Chemical Romance's hit single "Welcome to the Black Parade". Scalies takes a turn on the track and makes it her own, creating a remarkable cover. Other songs on the album relate to issues that all teenagers and young adults can relate to in their middle school and high school years.

"Don't Let Them Win" is about children who are impacted by bullying, encouraging children to stand up for themselves when being put down by others - something that happens in schools all around the world and a problem millions of children suffer from. "Macey Brown (Green Eyed Girl)" is a song written about friendship, and "Bottom of the Ocean" is about the feeling of loneliness.

Scalies music is definitely not necessarily geared towards other teenage audiences, the music can be listened to and relatable to music lovers of all ages.

All songs have a special message, something that is certainly great to hear from such a young artist.

There is more work to be released from Ameila Scalies in the near future.

To take a listen to the talented songwriter, visit her Soundcloud page at, and make a stop at her Bandcamp site as well,

Look out for more to come from this talented ball of fire!