Howard Stern Trashes Bill O'Reilly In Brutal Rant On The Howard Stern Show

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Today on The Howard Stern Show, Howard decided to discuss Bill O'Reilly and his new podcast. And boy was it brutal.

As you probably know, O'Reilly was fired from Fox News recently because he is alleged to have sexually harassed several women. This, of course, was perfect material for Howard Stern.

Howard opened his rant with a clip from O'Reilly's first podcast, where O'Reilly tells his audience that he misses them. Howard didn't buy it, noting, "how many people are gonna pay for that s---?"

Howard then mocked O'Reilly's famous opening line, saying "welcome to the s----y podcast zone." He pointed out that O'Reilly can no longer go to Nobu -- because everyone would be asking "isn't that the guy who doesn't know the difference between a loofah and falafel."

During O'Reilly's opener he insisted that the "truth" would come out about his actions.

He argued that when it comes out, "you're gonna be shaken, like I am." Of course, Howard wasn't buying that. Howard said that if he were in O'Reilly's situation, he wouldn't have made an announcement at all.

Howard then joked (pretending to be O'Reilly), "what is gonna come out is that all these women were actually just trying to f--- me and I did not want to f--- them.

It was the other way around. The truth will come out."

Continuing to imitate O'Reilly, Howard joked, "My guest today is my delivery guy....what is it like being a delivery guy? By the way, I should report to my audience I'm doing this show in my underwear...this is only information given to you premium members who pay a fee for my podcast...picture if you will I'm in a suit, and I'm on Fox, and a lot of women want opportunitites."

He continued: "My neighbors are getting noisy again and we're having difficulty with the podcast....podcasters I apologize, I have very noisy neighbors...This podcast is hard to get used to, there's no women here to sexually harass."

Then, Howard played a fake phone call from O'Reilly:

O'Reilly: F--- all those c--- at Fox

Howard: What did you do to the women accusing you of harassment?

O'Reilly: All I did was ask every woman at Fox to s--- on my balls and spit falafel into my butt hole, so freakin what?


O'Reilly: When I see The Five I want to butt f--- those people so hard I will get blisters on my cock and balls


O'Reilly: I was in Thailand doing bad, bad stuff to lady boys

Ouch. We'll see if O'Reilly hits back.

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