Maggie Rogers Releases Her 'Alaska' Music Video

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When her song "Alaska" was played for Pharrell Williams, the musician was truly amazed. The song went on to receive viral popularity and now, after some time of being quiet, Maggie Rogers releases the music video for "Alaska."

In the music video for "Alaska," Rogers takes us through the many phases of the song.

The first scene involves the whimsical woods that Rogers dances through on her own, she is later joined by friends who dance along with her before the setting completely changes into an incredibly woodsy rave.

There are plenty of free-spirited moments in the music video which is a direct reflection of the lyrics and arrangement of the song.

The rave scene can be related to the electronic music that influenced a sort of change or addition to Rogers' folk style, which she talked about in the session where the track first wowed Williams.

It's likely that there is plenty more where this is coming from in terms of music for Maggie Rogers and fans are going to be plenty excited with this visual. You can watch the "Alaska" music video below.

Watch Maggie Rogers' "Alaska" Music Video

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