Jon Bellion Receives Much Adoration From Matisyahu: Offers Valuable Advice

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If you listen to "Trumpets" by Jason DeRulo everyday on the radio and can't stop singing it you have Jon Bellion to thank for that.

Just recently Bellion has been receiving more praise from Matisyahu and Bellion is even offering fans some valuable advice in today's technological age.

Matisyahu expressed his appreciation for Bellion and his music in a tweet to Bellion on January 2. It looks like Bellion has found yet another musical fan in Matisyahu, who encourages Bellion and tells him that he is something special.

Fans of Bellion will already know that he is indeed a special talent who has given free music for quite some time now.

He has been teasing a lot of new music on his Twitter account and if it is anything close to "The Definition" then Bellion may have to prepare himself for even more praise than he is use to.

Meanwhile, Bellion offers some pretty important advice to his fans and followers in an age where technology seems to reign supreme.

He stresses that you shouldn't be dependent on your mobile devices specifically your iPhone.

Bellion brings up a very good point as many can't really do without their mobile devices, however, if you've ever had a day where your phone is off or away from you, you'd realize that it's actually a relief and an escape from all of the clutter on the internet and social media.

As for the new music, Bellion has only teased having tracks done but there hasn't been any actual release dates planned or singles dropped. Hopefully there are some hits suchs as "Wonder Years" or "Carry Your Throne" coming in the near future.

Fans should keep posted to Bellion's Twitter account to find out when he plans on dropping some new music, contrary to his advice to spend some time away from the mobile devices.

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