Canceled Adele Concerts Were Supposed To Be A Part Of A New DVD

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You might have known already that Adele had to cancel her concerts at Wembley Stadium due to her damaging her vocal chords.

Well the sad part about the cancelation is due to the fact that those shows were supposed to be a part of a new concert DVD. Not to mention many fans are going to miss out seeing her sing all of her big hits.

As reported by The Sun, the Wembley Stadium shows were supposed to be filmed by 100 cameras. They were going to record a new DVD set called "Adele Live 2017: The Finale".

All the plans were put in place for this big DVD production, but sadly it cannot happen due to Adele's voice.

Even if she went ahead with the shows, her voice would not have been as good as if she were healthy.

It's said that the singer is going to lose out on millions of dollars worth of DVD sales thanks to her canceling the shows. The people making the DVD aren't sure if they are able to make it in the future.

Hopefully they can since Adele is still only 29 years old. She's not old so there are more chances for her to make other DVD concerts in the future.

As expected, not everyone is happy about the shows being canceled.The Daily Mail has shown many tweets of fans expressing their frustrations about the shows no longer happening. Many are annoyed that they cannot refund hotel and travel expenses to the show.

Thankfully, they are able to get a refund for their tickets.

Still, there are fans defending Adele's decision since she has to look out for her own health. After all, she won't be able to sing if she has no voice!

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