Howard Stern Trashes Dead Fox CEO Roger Ailes, Calls Him Scumbag, Perv

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Today on The Howard Stern Show, Howard Stern savaged Roger Ailes, the former CEO of Fox News who died last week, comparing him to O.J. Simpson and telling him to "cut the f----in' horses---t." He also called Ailes a "perv" and "scumbag."

During the segment, Howard called out Geraldo for saying Ailes' sexual assault accusations were "crap." Robin noted that this is why kids become skeptical of adults, because they are so fluid in their core beliefs.

Then Howard joked that everyone said Ailes was like a father: "In fact, Roger used to call me in his office and ask me to call him 'daddy.'...Come here and suck your daddy's d--k...Seemed like Roger really loved you if you were hot and had big t--s."

Howard and Robin discussed the words of Ainsley Earhardt, who insisted that men aren't "perfect," and that's why we need God. Expectedly, Howard and Robin asked if she felt that way of other people like Bill Clinton or Jerry Sandusky.

They also played some of Bill O'Reilly's tribute to Ailes.

Howard mocked his tribute saying, "it was a very sad day in the creep community...not only was I outed as a creep, but my boss was outed as a creep as well."

Howard did, however, agree with one thing: he said that he was a fan of the fact that Ailes made Fox News into the Playboy news network. And he did not that Ailes was very successful in building a business.

At the end of the segment, Howard repeated "f--- you" to Ailes.

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