Linkin Park's Next Record Might Be Coming Next Year

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One of Linkin Park's frontmen Mike Shinoda, revealed that the band is looking towards next year for a new album and that couldn't be better news for fans who are still raving about The Hunting Party.

"All of the shows that we've been doing have been really really fun," said Shinoda in the video below.

"This is our last tour on this cycle and then we'll get back and get focused on the next Linkin Park record. And we're looking a next year sometime."

Linkin Park has been creating music since 1999 when they broke onto the scene with Hybrid Theory, an album that is still considered their best work yet. The band has six major albums along with a number of remix albums and a mash-up album with Jay-Z titled, Collision Course.

Lead by Shinoda and Chester Bennington, Joe Hahn, Brad Delson, Rob Bourdon and Dave Farrell have been continuing to deliver heavy, relentlessly hardcore sound for years.

The announcement of a possible album for 2016 will get fans amped for not just the project but any tour which follows it.

It will be interesting to see what direction the band takes the album in, how much balance there is between Shinoda's rapping/singing and Bennington's vocals and if the band can continue to match it's intensity.

Shinoda did not reveal any new information on his solo project Fort Minor but the release of a new single, "Welcome" earlier this year shows signs of life in the project.

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