Vince Staples First Concert Was Diana Ross

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If you're a Vince Staples fan and want to know a little more about him, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon has you covered.

In the My First Concert series, Staples talked about attending a Diana Ross concert with his mother and grandmother.

Staples attended the Diana Ross concert at the Hollywood Bowl on Mother's Day and explained that there were drunk elderly people and food options.

He continued to explain that he had never been to a concert with food options and dining tray tables, which made it the best concert he has ever been to in his life.

"That's also the only concert I've ever been to in my life but I have extremely high standards based on that experience," said Staples.

He quickly wished a happy Mother's Day to everyone on whatever day Mother's Day falls on in 2017. He thanks Diana Ross for the amazing concert experience and the drunk elderly people around him for their love for music.

He doesn't have a particular favorite song from Ross, nor does he know the name of them, however, he said he knows the sound and she is a legend.

Staples will always be a fan of Ross. You can watch Vince Staples relive his first concert experience in the My First Concert video from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon below.

Watch Vince Staples Reveal His First and Only Concert Experience