Have You Seen Cal Scruby's 'Ain't Sh*t Changed' Music Video ft. Chris Brown?

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If it's the first time your hearing Cal Scruby's name there's a good chance it probably won't be the last time you do.

Cal Scruby released the music video for his track, "Ain't Sh*t Changed" featuring Chris Brown and they channel White Men Can't Jump in grand fashion.

Scruby is a Cincinnati native who's overall sound is more West Coast oriented especially on "Ain't Sh*t Changed," featuring Chris Brown.

Not only was the music video for the track shot in Venice Beach, the overall concept paid homage to White Men Can't Jump.

The duo got the early 90's style of the film down to the Nike Command Force sneakers that Woody Harrelson's character wore in the film.

"When it comes to music, I don't want to play a character or put on a face," Scruby told Billboard.

"I'm not serious all the time. I'm also goofy and lighthearted. This video is comfortable for me; it's really who I am."

"Ain't Sh*t Changed" is one of the 8 tracks off of Scruby's House in the Hills EP that released in September 2015.

the EP also featured Sevyn Streeter and Trevor Jackson. You can check out the music video for "Ain't Sh*t Change" below.

Check out the "Ain't Sh*t Changed" ft. Chris Brown music video below.