Kendrick Lamar to Perform 'The Blacker The Berry' and 'Alright' At the 2016 Grammys

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There are already reports surrounding what is going to be a pretty controversial performance from Kendrick Lamar at the 2016 Grammys.

It looks like Lamar plans on performing two oh his most controversial tracks, "The Blacker The Berry" and "Alright."

Billboard interviewed Grammy's show producer Ken Ehrlich who said that he didn't think that controversial was the right way to refer to the performance. If you've listened to To Pimp A Butterfly, you know Lamar addresses many racial, social and political issues facing the U.S. "Alright" and "The Blacker The Berry" are both songs that exemplify this and according to Ehrlich, those will be the two tracks that fans get to see Lamar perform tonight, February 15.

"Yep, 'The Blacker the Berry' and 'All Right' -- obviously very provocative songs.

Now, I made a point with a writer I spoke with the other day and I'd almost like to reiterate it because I think it's important, especially for Billboard," said Ehrlich, according to the interview.

"A lot of attention is being focused on this issue of race as it applies to awards shows, certainly with regard for the Oscars [which have been widely criticized for a lack of diversity], which certainly lit the fuse for a lot of this [discussion] this year, not that it didn't exist before.

I think it's important to understand that at its root, film and its relationship to the African-American culture is significant but it is not a dominant from its roots, from the beginning, whereas popular and contemporary music is rooted in African-American culture as much as anything."

Ehrlich says that the Grammys are focusing on multiculturalism and that they take pride in that. It will be interesting to see what Lamar has planned for his performance when the Grammys air February 15 at 8PM EST 7PM PST.