Jordy Dazz and Jimi Frew Drop New Track "Vortex"

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The story behind "Vortex" is one you have never heard before.

With the Dutch Jordy Dazz and the Australian Jimi Frew not knowing one and other, they connected via social media and started sharing their passion for music with each other.

Through Skype they have exchanged material and started working together. The outcome of this unique process is "Vortex" a powerful progressive instrumental track.

This story shows that technology can bring people together from all over the world to share their passion.

"Vortex" goes beyond music! With "Vortex" already being featured in set by both Showtek and Hardwell, this big room contender is a hit single waiting to happen.

A college drop out turned standard setting beacon to 21st century club music, Jordy Dazz has conquered a long and winding road en route to his global accession. Fueled by an outright infatuation for music and his early aspirations as a drummer, it quickly became apparent that college could not cater for his overarching ambitions. Opting for an early career in one of Holland's few independent vinyl record stores over the realms of orthodox education, Jordy would master his craft through day-to-day analysis of the progressions and trends in electronic music.

But for a man who donned his first DJ set at the tender age of 15, Jordy's approach to live dance music has proven just as testing as the road by which he entered.

Now heralding more than a decade behind the decks, his journey from the shop floor to the global clubbing circuit has not been without its trials.

A DJ for the greater part of life enlisted to cater to a versatile collection of styles over the years, Jordy has encompassed an old school dexterity for the new age masses that now call upon his skills behind the decks.

Jimi Frew is the new kid on the block hailing from an inspirational entourage of Australian production talent emerging from Sydney's cultural beach scene. Over the past few years James 'Jimi' Frew has worked as an executive producer and songwriter alongside A-list international talent in Australia and his second home in Los Angeles, California.

As an accredited producer and engineer he co-composed the scores for notable Hollywood productions including Steven Soderbergh's "Magic Mike", the CBS television drama "Person Of Interest" & ABC's "Trophy Wife".

Besides that Frew has also shared studio time with influential hit-makers such as Rodney "DarkChild" Jerkins, the man behind hits from Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga and Destiny's Child.

As a result of working with such artists he has honed the popular club culture crossover sound, despite his preferred method of deliver being via big-room club stomping weapons.