What Critics Are Saying About 'PARTYNEXTDOOR Two,' Jahron Brathwaite's Second Installment

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"PARTYNEXTDOOR Two" is the second installment of Jahron Brathewaite, yet another Canadian product signed with Drake's OVO label and critics of some of the top, go to websites for music are saying it doesn't quite match his first effort.

"PARTYNEXTDOOR TWO is not original by any means. All of the sounds and lyrics are familiar to a number of artists, past and present.

The album does suffer from a lack of topical nuance. His game is Super Saiyan strong (or so he believes), but a handful of songs would have done the trick," says HotNewHipHop's Kahron Spearman.

"No, PARTYNEXTDOOR 2 isn't the life-changing listening experience that the original was.

But it's another successful move in a season apparently dedicated to proving that OVO is indeed, really with the shits, boy.

And more importantly, as evidenced by the contrasting album covers, the portrait of the new most mysterious man in R&B is starting to come into focus," says Frazier Tharpe of Complex Magazine.

"The highs of PND 2 have replay value, and the lows -- though there are certainly more of them -- blend with the rest of the album as it plays in the background of a bedroom.

PARTYNEXTDOOR has no interest in humility, and though it fails to express it in a particularly creative or original way, PARTYNEXTDOOR 2 accomplishes its very transparent goals: to celebrate a lifestyle, soundtrack sex, and make the party next door look like the exclusive event of the year," said Steven Goldstein of XXL Mag.

Clearly while being successful in some instances, PARTYNEXTDOOR 2 did not quite live up to the sky high expectations set by the first installment. For fans it may be something to listen to as they cruise out on a summer night but one summer night may be the extent of play.

It does become quite repetitive at times and while I was fascinated with the first installment this one was just OK.

See what some fans are saying below.