Watch Vic Mensa's 'There's Alot Going On' Music Video

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Last week Vic Mensa unleashed a new EP titled, There's Alot Going On where he dives into some pretty incredible topics. Now, Mensa has brought us the music video for the album's titled track "There's Alot Going On."

"There's Alot Going On" is the most personal track on the EP as it explores Mensa's life.

From his struggles with drugs, his success and even his experience with domestic violence.

Being that the track has so many personal aspects to it, it looks like Mensa felt that it was important to feature himself reflecting and performing the track.

"There's Alot Going On" is a pretty emotional song especially the chorus of the song where Mensa sings, "Know I never die/We live forever in my mind/And I sanctify/We live forever, still alive." Mensa put a lot of his personal life out in public with the There's Alot Going On EP and the project really speaks for itself.

Another big topic that Mensa tackled on the EP is the police brutality cases and shooting of African Americans, without repercussions.

He particularly focuses on the shooting of Laquan McDonald. You can check out Mensa's "There's Alot Going On" music video below as well as the album stream.

Watch Vic Mensa's "There's Alot Going On" Music Video

Stream Vic Mensa's There's Alot Going On EP