Young Jeezy Can Add 'Trap Or Die 3' To His List Of Number 1

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When Young Jeezy released Trap or Die 3, fans were pretty happy to see that he had not strayed away from that classic trap sound that was just raw and in-your-face.

That dedication to his roots has now earned him his third number one album.

"I wanted to take it back to creating music," Jeezy recently told Billboard, according to a recent report.

"My first two albums, we made from scratch. We didn't even have a studio... In its entirety, (the new album is) real, authentic, quality street music."

The Trap or Die series was originally a mixtape, though, like many mixtapes in current times, artists are beginning to release them as paid content. In a bit of a twist, French Montana actually backtracked by re-releasing his MC4 Album as a mixtape.

That being said, Montana's re-release seems to be a bit of a rarity.

Given the success of Trap or Die 3, we expect plenty more new music with the old sound to come from Jeezy in the future.