MTV Releases New Kelly Clarkson Track Today: 'Tightrope'

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Kelly Clarkson is releasing a new album in a very unusual way. Song by song, day by day, her latest work is being released via MTV and VH1 on a playlist.

One song has already been added being "Let your Tears Fall." The newest track is called 'Tightrope' and it is live now.

Clarkson's 7th studio album is set for a full release on March 3rd. 'Piece by Piece' is of course a very clever title considering the way in which she is releasing it.

'Run Run Run' is a track that everyone should keep their eyes out for because it features John Legend. It is the only feature on the album.

She is known best for being the first winner on the show "American Idol." Obviously considering that she has become a full out superstar.

This is a new type of way to release and album. It seems to get a lot of excitement going prior to the actual release of the full album. Maybe MTV and VH1 have found a new way to remain relevant in the music industry.

Of course the album will be released on iTunes and other outlets. Check back here for new releases.