Blink-182 Delivers the 'No Future' Single

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Legendary punk band, Blink-182 is continuing to bring that edgy rebellious punk sound to fans with the latest single "No Future.""No Future" marks the third single off of the upcoming California album.

In "No Future" Blink-182 brings a message of fighting no matter who brings you down, especially if they have no idea what you've been through in your life.

They also make it a point to make sure their fans know that life won't wait for you. It's an uplifting and hard-hitting single that is just as strong as the previous releases, "Rabbit Hole" and "Bored To Death."

The band also released a lyric video to go along with the single as they did with the previous singles.

The band is still very much lyrical and they manage to tell incredible stories and feature powerful messages.

Earlier in the week the band released a visual for "Bored To Death" which really gives you that nostalgic 90s punk feeling while watching.

Fans are now just one week away from the release of Blink-182's new album California, which is set to release on July 1. You can listen to Blink-182's "No Future" below.

Listen/Stream Blink-182's "No Future"