Lael Summer Prepares for Debut Release of 'Burden to Bear'

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Come early January, Leal Summer, a born and raised New York City native, will release her debut album 'Burden to Bear'. The soulful singer mixes old-school sounds with her own rendition of recent R&B.

The young artist mixes many different genres into her music, including soul and pop, jazz and R&B. Her debut album, set to be released on the 7th of January, depicts a voice of a mature singer and songwriter with experience and wisdom far beyond her years.

Summer grew up in the big city and was involved in music ever since she had the ability to sing at a young age, but she didn't quite find her place right away. This feeling is depicted through her music, for the sense of loneliness had a profound effect on the singer's life and songwriting.

"There is nothing quite like the feeling of being unbelievably lost and alone while surrounded by millions of people - you grow up fast", Summer states in a recent press release promoting her debut release into the ears of music listeners everywhere.

While studying and attending the University of Southern California's Popular Music Program in 2012, the young artist signed to the True Groove Label. It was here where she recorded and released an EP with four tracks.

From there, the soulful singer moved to Global Soul, where she recorded her debut release 'Burden to Bear' alongside Tomas Doncker, a pioneer in the industry.

Lael Summer has been compared to the voices of many talented and young professionals already in the music industry, including the late Amy Winehouse and Christina Aguilera.

With a sense of edginess and a powerful set of vocal chords, Lael Summer is sure to hit the top of the charts with what she has to deliver through her debut album.

Some go-to tracks on Lael Summer's 'Burden to Bear' include "I Need A Man", "It's About Soul" and "In Time".

To take a listen to what the talented and sultry soul singer has to offer, visit her SoundCloud, and to stream 'Burden to Bear', visit Summer on Band Camp (both links provided below).

Start your new year off right with these new tracks from a young and talented artist, bound to make big moves in 2014.