Juicy J Releases 'WTF Remix'

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As one of the most trippy rappers in the game, Juicy J has managed to turn the tracks that he is featured on into something that will turn the party up, the newest release "WTF Remix" is no exception.

(Audio Below)

The track has an incredibly catchy beat to begin with and with J hopping on to the track to lay down some lyrics of his own, it enhances the party vibe of the song even more.

J is known for his outlandish lyrics and of course being one of the members of the Three 6 Mafia. Yung 2 and Joker B are also featured on the track as they throw down some braggadocios lyrics as well.

"After his Oscar-winning group went defunct, the Memphis MC slid to the bottom of the genre -- until he came back even bigger with a strip club banger," according to Billboard. The classic stripper song they are referring to is "Bandz A Make Her Dance" featuring 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne.

The hit brought Juicy J back to the forefront of the party anthems and ultimately is a driving factor in his continued success.

Listen to "WTF Remix" Below