Interviewing Aer

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In a world of over-saturation in the music industry, it's rare that a group can really break through the noise.

Aer is a group made up of David von Mering and Carter Schultz, who met and created the duo in MA back in 2009.

Some of their songs like "Feel I Bring" and "Floats My Boat" have received more than 2M views on YouTube each and their highly anticipated new album is set for release on January 21st, 2014.

Aers sound is something you want to play on a sunny day, hanging out with your friends. It's not controversial or necessarily groundbreaking, but it is quite unique to today's music scene.

And because of that, they have developed a cult-like following that grows with every new release. We got a chance to ask them both a few questions:

Empty Lighthouse: When was the decision made to create Aer?
CARTER: We were in a 4 piece rock band, we went our separate ways, and Dave and I decided to keep making music together.

Aer was a spur of the moment creation.

Empty Lighthouse: What is your craziest tour story?
CARTER: Honestly too many to pick one good one. We just rage so hard, and chill so much that there's no telling our craziest story.

Blaze brothers!
DAVID: I was changing in the van one time in Kansas and carter opened the trunk doors and the whole line of fans waiting to get into our show saw me naked.

I think it helped bridge the gap between fan and artist which is something we love to exercise.

Empty Lighthouse: What's your favorite tour food?
DAVID: Burritos and any crazy pasta dish

Empty Lighthouse: Describe your creative process
DAVID: 90% of the time starts with me making the beat and chorus and then Carter gets in the mix with his verse.

Sometimes it varies and we'll be in the studio doing it all at the same time, but songs usually always start with the beat.

Empty Lighthouse: Who is your dream collaboration?
CARTER: I know we've always wanted to work with either Kid Cudi or the Chili Peppers. In a perfect world...

Empty Lighthouse: What's next for you guys?
CARTER: We take things day by day. But right now we're focused on expanding our live show with a drummer and bassist and really creating it into something else. Come check it out!

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