Mac Miller Teases An Unknown Surprise For This Week

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It looks like Mac Miller fans all over are on the edge waiting for an unknown surprise that Miller has been teasing via social media for quite some time now.

The good news is, the teasing will be over this week.

There is no title and no sure sign as to whether or not it will be a new single or complete project. All that we do have are a couple of in-studio photos of Miller and some cryptic tweets.

Miller has been consistently putting out high quality music that fans can't get enough of.

Whether he is honing in on his rapper personality or taking over as Larry Fisherman and producing some intense beats, Miller is still a force to reckon with in hip-hop.

Check out Mac Miller's Surprise Single "Dang" featuring Anderson Paak. and The Divine Feminine album details here.

Last night Miller tweeted a message pointing towards Thursday, July 28, as having some sort of significance.

About a week ago, Miller tweeted a photo of him in the studio with the caption "something's happening." He followed that post up with two more photos that confirmed the date.

One of the photos was Pokemon Go! inspired, though, it is still unsure whether or not that will be of any influence to the surprise.

What we can tell you is that Miller never disappoints with any of his releases no matter what it is. So, we'll just have to be patient and see what Miller has in store for us on Thursday, July 28.

Somethings Happening. @mixedbyali

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Thursday... @jimmymurton

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A photo posted by Mac Miller (@larryfisherman) on


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