bEEdEEgEE Releases Debut Solo Album 'SUM/ONE'

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bEEdEEgEE, also known as Brian DeGraw, member and founder of Gang Gang Dance, released his debut solo album last week titled 'SUM/ONE'.

DeGraw is an American artist, musician and producer who spent over 15 years living in New York City, but recently moved to the Catskill region of New York.

DeGraw got his start on his solo album when he moved from New York City for the clouds of Woodstock. It was here that DeGraw's audio sketches evolved into a record that fuses deep synth soundscapes with pop moments. DeGraw recorded 'SUM/ONE' over the course of a year in his own Woodstock studio.

The album is packed with nine tracks featuring artists including Alexis Taylor from Hot Chip, Lovefoxxx from CSS and Lizzi Bougatsos from his founding project Gang Gang Dance.

The album certainly has an electronic vibe when plenty of heavy synth and low-key bass - definitely recommended to those who are fans of electronic music, especially more-so experimental electronic music.

bEEdEEgEE also just completed his tour supporting Animal Collective, with popular shows in Brooklyn, Washington DC, Cleveland and Nashville. 'SUM/ONE' is available on CD, vinyl and digitally. For more information, visit bEEdEEgEE's website at