Bobby Shmurda Releases 'Can't F**k Witchu' Feat. DBoy, Rowdy Rebel & DJ YRS Jerzy

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Bobby Shmurda is fresh off the release of his official remix of "Hot Nigga" and now he is back with another hit featuring, DBoy, Rowdy Rebel and DJ YRS Jerzy.

"The track begins with a menacing Breaking Bad sample, before going into a street ready anthem that builds on the dark catchiness established with 'Hot Nigga,'" says

"In other Shmurda news, the emcee linked up with Rihanna at Fashion Week this weekend, from which the photographic evidence is available in the artwork above.

If you remember correctly, RiRi hit the Shmoney dance when she was on vacation last week."

The track is very raw and the overall sound is very street oriented. It talks about not being able to hang with someone and losing touch with someone after something goes wrong.

Being that Shmurda has reached an all time high in terms of his fan base the song should have a very large relation top his real life.

After Rihanna posted a video of her taking part in the "Shmoney Dance" craze, the originator of the dance must be quite pleased to meet her.

Listen to "Can't F**k Witchu" below.