Expect 14 Tracks On Lana Del Rey's Upcoming 'Honeymoon' Album

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As melancholic and blissful as "Honeymoon" was upon it's release this week, Lana Del Rey already has a number of tracks in mind for the upcoming album.

"Here it is, the first and title track off my record - Honeymoon," said Del Rey in her Instagram post debuting the new track.

"In some ways I feel it's where the record begins and ends...

there are so many other tracks on the record, 13 others to be exact- Some with a muddy trap energy and some inspired by late-night Miles Davis drives...

But I love this song because it encapsulates all of the things that come naturally to me."

It looks like the "Honeymoon" album will feature 14 tracks some of which may be a little off what comes natural to her.

With the number of tracks revealed, all that's left is the actual tracklist and release date. The latest reports have the album slated to be released in September, however, there hasn't been an exacts date to match the report.

In the meantime, Lana Del Rey has revisited some of fans fell in love with in "Video Games." It will be interesting to see what else she manages to deliver once the album is released.