MSNBC's Joe Scarbrorough Releases 'Mystified' Album, Listen and Cringe

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Yes, you read that right: consummate political insider Joe Scarborough released an album today titled "Mystified", with songs that include a love song for his you'd-be-fired-from-any-job-except-this-one girlfriend Mika Brzezinski.

This is Scarborough's first album, and includes only a small portion of his 400 original songs. He has said that he plans to release one album a month over the next two years.

Apparently, Scarborough's been rocking out with his band for the past several years, although most of us have been lucky enough not to have known that.

The music itself is a combination of trite lyrics, slightly off key singing, and overused melodic techniques -- shockingly reminiscent of his political show on MSNBC.

During last night's release event, Scarborough had coworker/fiance Mika Brzezinski announce for him, and she got a little bit of an "aww" when she announced his love song, "Let's Fall in Love."

"Mystified" is now available on iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon. It's bound to be a smash hit, as you can see on YouTube, his most popular song has a whopping 43 views.

We would normally end this article with something like "don't quit your day job, Joe;" however, having watched his show ad nauseam, it may be a good idea for him to drop that one as well...

You can hear some of Joe Scarborough's songs from "Mystified" below. Cringe away!