Girl Band Filmed Orgasming in Controversial Music Video

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Earlier this month the Netherlands-based all-girl band, ADAM, released a music video for their new single, "Go to Go." Let's just say the electro-pop group really opened up for their fans with this one.

The video features three of the five members of ADAM, panning back and forth between them. Each sings while--it's implied--pleasuring themselves with vibrators.

As the song builds, so do their orgasms, and the result is quite entertaining. Each slowly loses her composure, fidgeting, giggling, gradually trailing off, and sometimes forgetting their lines altogether.

While the video isn't graphic (it is filmed entirely from the waist up), it's been quite the topic of controversy on Youtube. Some are impressed by the group's decision to put themselves out there and think it sends an empowering message to female viewers.

Others think it's a cry for attention and that it sends an inappropriate message to young fans. And then there are those who just don't get it:

In their description for the video, ADAM writes, "Besides being sexy, we dare to be ourselves!" Well, there's certainly nothing dishonest about their "Go to Go" video.