Opie and Jim Working This Friday

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Though Opie and Jim Norton are taking most Fridays off, the pair said Thursday on the "Opie with Jim Norton Show" that they would be doing "live radio" this Friday.

The pair had an unexpected day off Wednesday when Opie took the day to celebrate his wife's birthday. He described how he celebrated to Norton explaining that he made his wife crepes, something he learned to do in school.

He acknowledged that most men don't take cooking classes and explained that he also took metal and wood shop.

Norton teased him a bit, but acknowledged that cooking was actually more useful adding that while he has a nice kitchen, he does not know how to cook so he eats every meal out.

Opie also discussed the negative social media feedback he receives whenever the pair take a day off.

On most Fridays when Opie and Norton are not in Ron Bennington, co-host of "The Ron and Fez Show," which airs on SiriusXM's Raw Dog comedy channel, steps in for them hosting a live program.