Jaden Smith Releases 'This Is The Album' EP

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After his father appeared on Jimmy Fallon's show and did a beatbox session, Jaden Smith decides to release a new three track EP titled, "This Is The Album" through a website.

(Audio Below)

The first track off "The Is The Album" is titled, "Scarface" and features a Drake inspired style of flow. Jaden Smith is showing how much he has developed as a lyricist and the beats are just incredible.

The second track is titled, "4 My 1" and also features the Drake-esque flow. It's pretty satisfying that Smith is really honing in on this craft and perfecting it with every new verse.

Willow Smith can even be heard on "4 My 1" as she lends a few brief background vocals for the hook.

The final offering of the "This Is The Album" EP is a psychedelic Frank Ocean styled track with more masterful lyrics for young Smith.

Overall, the release seems like it was done completely out of fun. His growth is evident and fans will surely enjoy what he has created.

The surprise approach to releases is really making it exciting for music fans whether it's Smith, Beyonce or Kanye West. It's beginning to add a new way for fans to be treated to great new music.

Listen to the Jaden Smith "This Is The Album" EP