Chris Stapleton Discusses Playing Justin Timberlake's Birthday On The Howard Stern Show

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Today, on The Howard Stern Show on Sirius XM radio, Howard Stern welcomed guest Chris Stapleton for the interview.

Stapleton is a chart topping singer/songwriter who has worked with some of the best musicians in the business. His unique country/rock 'n' roll style has earned him awards in all kinds of different genres.

Howard and Stapleton talked in depth about several different topics, from when Justin Timberlake hired Stapleton for his birthday party, to his work with Adele.

Howard began the interview by talking about how he loves Stapleton's music -- he admitted that it sometimes makes him cry.

Howard said that he doesn't agree that Stapleton plays "country music" - he thinks it's more rock 'n' roll. But he also thinks it's very heavy.

The conversation turned to different collaborations that Stapleton did.

One of those collaborations was with Justin Timberlake, whom he met when he played a show for Justin Timberlake's birthday party.

According to Stapleton's retelling, Jessica Biel called him out of the blue on the phone and asked him to the party.

Although Timberlake didn't pay him to play, Stapleton did half a dozen songs while hanging out with Timberlake and the rest of the party crew.

Howard and Stapleton also discussed Adele and her cover of "If it hadn't been for love." The story is: Adele was in her bus, and the bus driver started playing the song.

The song so moved her that she decided to cover it. At that point, Stapleton had never even heard of Adele, so when he was told that she wanted to cover the song he had to ask who Adele was.

You can listen to the clip here:

Stapleton later talked about his guitars, especially his favorite Gibson guitar, which is the one he writes all his songs on.

He also talked about his love of weed, although he says that he never would smoke weed before a show.

Here's another clip from the episode:

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