Watch DNCE's Sultry Video for 'Toothbrush' ft. Ashley Graham

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The band that brought us "Cake By the Ocean" is giving us another radio ready hit titled, "Toothbrush." DNCE released the music video for "Toothbrush" featuring Sports Illustrated cover model Ashley Graham.

In the sultry new music video for "Toothbrush" Joe Jonas and Ashley Graham gives us the visual depiction of what happens when a one-night stand turns into something more. The track features a catchy dance beat and is bound to be an instant radio hit as soon as it hits stations nationwide.

From the intense and fun scenes between Jonas and Graham to the awesome track, "Toothbrush" should be another big success for DNCE.

Jonas has really seemed to find his niche with DNCE.

Together Jonas, Jack, Jinjoo and Cole have managed to create catchy dance hits that are just plenty of fun to sing along to.

"Toothbrush" was featured on DNCE's SWAAY EP which featured four awesome tracks, including the big hit, "Cake By the Ocean." Something tells us that these guys are going to be around for a long time.

Watch DNCE's "Toothbrush" Music Video