Rihanna and Drake's 'Work' Helps Break A Billboard Record

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Throughout 2015 and 2016 international artists seem to really be shining over the U.S. competition.

Now, there is proof of that as Rihanna and Drake's "Work" has broken the streak for "Most Consecutive Hot 100 No.

1's by Non-U.S. Born Acts." Of course, there was a little help from a couple other huge names as well.

Yesterday, February 22, "Work" hit number one on Billboard's Hot 100 Chart which could be heavily attributed to the music video that Rihanna released the same day.

With that number one spot, "Work" becomes the ninth consecutive number one song from an artists born outside of the U.S.

Omi kicked off the run with "Cheerleader" and The Weeknd and Justin Bieber both helped with multiple hits. English sensations Adele and Zayn Malik also helped with "Hello" and "Pillowtalk." International artists are continuing to see extended success as of 2016, however, it should also be noted that Wiz Khalifa's "See You Again," featuring Charlie Puth, went on a 12-week run at number one.

As of right now, the only American act that has a chance at regaining the top spot is Twenty One Pilots' "Stressed Out," as they currently sit at number three.

It will be interesting to see if "Work" is the track before the streak is broken.