Rockster Release New Music Videos

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When asked what genre he feels he best belongs in, Rockster responded with "electronically inspired pop music, so poptro!" The producer has been known to play tons of DJ gigs, radio shows, live shows and even DJ on tour alongside the Backstreet Boys.

He also creates big-time dance and pop records with his band Rapsoul. This time around, Rockster is releasing some of his tracks and music videos, including "This Aint Love" and "How I Feel".

Both of the singles have been described as some of his biggest productions to date, with messages delving into the thorny issues of dodgy relationships and relatable issues that almost everyone in the world can relate to.

Rockster got support on vocals from soul artist Butch Williams on the "This Aint Love" track and from pop-electro artist Paul Cless on the "How I Feel" track.

Both of the videos for Rockster's latest releases can be viewed below, and be sure to stay tuned for more upbeat and danceable tunes coming from the music producer in the new year to come.