Have You Seen Drake's 'Energy' Music Video?

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Today marks the release of an incredibly impressive music video from Drake for his track "Energy," off "If You're Ready This It's Too Late."

(Video Below)

In the "Energy" music video, Drake starts things off with a young Drizzy who was apparently bullied but picked himself up and now has all of the shine. He assumes the roles of powerful figures and some celebrities all who have their own skeptics and haters.

Some of the celebrities include, Oprah Winfrey, Floyd Mayweather, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Kanye West, President Obama, Lebron James, a Ken doll and even OJ Simpson.

Drake is also backed by his huge crew who in his raps said would do some pretty big damage to haters if they tried to get at him. It's an impressive statement from someone who has had countless amounts of haters and been at the forefront of many disses in Hip-Hop.

This time Drake isn't only representing himself, but all celebrities who have had some sort of influential power over society or their fans.

With great power and admiration also comes a ton of haters who will judge your every move and that's the message Drizzy is sending in the new music video.

Let us know what you think about the "Energy" music video below.

Check out the "Energy" Music Video below.