Magic Trick Streams "River Of Souls" LP on Pitchfork

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River Of Souls is the third piece of Tim Cohen and his band Magic Trick's latest project. Tim Cohen, of The Fresh and Only's, left his fans with the second piece of the project "Ruler of the Night".

Now with the latest LP release, Cohen has 10 new polished and unseen tracks for listeners.

The tracks are "classic Tim Cohen - off the cuff, genre spanning, weirdo style".

A recent press release described Cohen's recent work as "well-skewed pop songs that remind us that things can always be better, but also that what we have is pretty amazing."

The LP was recorded in Cohen's home attic studio, also known as The Tree House.

"River Of Souls" has a mix of female vocals from Noelle Cahill and Alicia Vanden Heuvel, pulsing drum beats from James Kim and melodic bass from Heuvel again.

"Now, more than ever, the vocals break out of the clouds, and the mix champions the artistry in each player's performance", a recent Magic Trick press release explains.

"River Of Souls" starts out with the single "Come Inside", and the songs stick with the listener from that point on, and the album ends before you are ready for the party to end.

"Altogether, this album makes it clear that there is not a man more worthy of thee Muses than Tim Cohen", the press release concludes.

"Magic Trick's songs are about atmosphere, the feeling of the voices and howls from down the street. As a lyricist, Cohen surveys the expanse leveled by heartbreak and assesses the damage", Pitchfork describes the band's latest release.

Magic Trick's latest LP "River Of Souls" is available on Pitchfork and out now on Empty Cellar Records.