Tyga In The Studio With Justin Bieber

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Tyga posted a shot of him and Justin Bieber up early working in the studio. The two look visibly exhausted, although they are working at 5am, so we all would be.

Tyga is just getting back from travelling around Europe and hooping it up with Scottie Pippen.

It looks like the two are going to be collaborating on some new material, but it is not exactly a friendly photo.

The two aren't even touching and seem to be within their own bubble of personal space. This collaboration may be less about a friendly work-together and more about the labels getting the two artists together.

We'll be on the look out for the collab, but it is difficult to understand the success of such a collaboration when the two don;t even look happy to be hanging out with each other.

No matter, 5am would affect anyone.