Benjy Asks Howard Stern For Forgiveness, Gets Kicked Out Again

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Today on the Howard Stern Show, Howard gave a minute to Mariann, Jeff the Drunk, Tan Mom, Fred the Elephant Boy, Benjy, and JD. While Fred and JD and spoke about the election, and Tan Mom complained about being bored, Benjy tried to apologize for his repeated tardiness...but Howard wasn't having it.

At the end of October, Benjy was removed from the show because he was late again. On, he was quoted as saying "I just completely f--- up...It took about 15 more minutes than usual ... I overslept today."

But the excuse wasn't good enough for Howard. He responded that being late is an indication of not being necessary: "That's what it says to me when a guy's late - it says I'm not that important to the organization."

Benjy kept coming up with other excuses, but eventually he just said that he didn't care enough. And then he was booted.

Benjy Calls Howard Stern to Apologize for Tardiness

Howard Stern gave Benjy a minute today on the air. During Benjy's minute he apologized:

I do respect the listeners...I'm very careful I would never ever do anything to bring mice in here. Howard I'm really, really sorry that I put you in a position to have to deal with this kind of thing....I love you... There are things I cant say on the mic to explain why I think I should be in here. I can do that to you directly, but I also ask for your forgiveness.

He then continued by trying to excuse his lateness by claiming it was medication that caused it:

I did antidepressants last year. For four years I wasn't late...there were things about those antidepressants that f----ed me up.

But Howard still wasn't having it. He said "get out" and hung up.

You can listen to the clip of the exchange here:

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