Hard Rock Band, Return for Refund, Basks in Success of Self-Titled Album

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Return For Refund is like a new-age Black Sabbath or Nirvana, and luckily for us, they are basking in the success of their new self-titled EP. The trio from Toronto's new releases has been well received throughout Canada, which only makes us want it to skyrocket in the States as well.

The band kick started their career in 2013, but started playing blues songs like "Mustang Sally" and "Red House" in the beginning. Once the dudes of the band hit it off, their sound morphed into something more rocky and punky.

Their self-titled EP has been gaining tons of success across college campuses in Canada.

Mix together raw vocals with elements of rock, punk, metal, funk and even blues, and you have the work of Return For Refund.

This is something I want to jam out to in a dirty, underground punk dive bar. Throw me my converse and black eyeliner, I'm down!