Mourners Honor Fallen Friend With 'Mr. Brightside' By The Killers

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There is no doubt that The Killers' "Mr.

Brightside" is one of their most iconic songs in the bands history.

The song has literally found its way into plenty of karaoke bars and now it's being used to send off a fallen friend, led by a man named Brian O'Sullivan.

"Back on March 24, a group of mourners headed to a pub in County Kerry, Ireland for a wake to send off their friend Ger 'Farmer' Foley, who had died at age 45 of cystic fibrosis," according to a Billboard report.

"A charismatic fellow named Brian O'Sullivan pulled himself on top of the bar and led the congregation in a rousing sing-along of 'Mr. Brightside' -- apparently the go-to anthem to hail Mr. Foley."

In the video you can hear O'Sullivan tell the crowd that he had been performing the song for years after a few kind words about his friend Ger Foley, who he says will never be replaced. In this instance the jealousy factor in the song was completely thrown out and replaced as a tribute to a fallen friend.

O'Sullivan had the entire bar singing along with him as he became so wrapped up in his performance that he took his shirt off. It's safe to see we all wish we could have a send off like this one.

The Killers even responded to the video that is now going viral. The band tweeted that if their lead singer Brandon Flowers ever needed someone to fill-in, they would call upon O'Sullivan after his incredible cover of the song.

You can watch O'Sullivan's performance of "Mr. Brightside" below. We predict that you'll probably see O'Sullivan on The Ellen Show at some point.

Watch Brian O'Sullivan and His Friends Sing The Killers' "Mr. Brightside"