Weird Al Yankovic Is On Track For His First No. 1 Album

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Weird Al Yankovic has been able to promote "Mandatory Fun" into a neck and neck race with Jason Mraz for a No. 1 selling album, something he has never been able to achieve in all his parody filled career.

"A No. 1 album is something I never had in my wildest dreams ever thought would be a reality," Yankovic said to Business Week. "I was just hoping I'd get to No. 8."

The number eight seems to be his favorite as he recently embarked on an eight days eight videos spree. A spree which could have been the key to much of the albums success.

Today was the last of the eight in which he released "Mission Statement." Yankovic released his first album in 1983, just two years after the dawn of MTV according to Business Week, and took to music videos to help aid his popularity.

So paying homage to the one thing that accounted for much of his fame is quite understandable.

But how do album sales and music videos work together if they even do at all? Whatever the crazy equation is that Yankovic has finally been able to solve it sure is working for the master of parodies.

The hits on his album include "Handy," "Foil," "Tacky," "Mission Statement," and "Word Crimes." The official sales info is not available at the moment, but don't be surprised if Weird Al isn't the one standing on top after all is said and done.