Denzel Curry Sends More Shots At SpaceGhostPurp in 'Purrposely'

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Last week Denzel Curry made our headlines for topping the Billboard Emerging Artists Charts with "Flying Nimbus." This week he has been trading shots with SpaceGhostPurp and today he may have taken the win with "Purrposely."

When Curry blasted back onto the scene with "Flying Nimbus" fans prepared for some more high energy verses.

There has been bad blood brewing between Curry and SpaceGhostPurp and with a serious of hateful lyrics being thrown in SGP's direction on "Purrposely," Curry might have really ended the ongoing beef.

"Curry even put the lyrics on his Soundcloud so there could be no mistaking when he says 'Eazy and Jerry Heller sh*t / hope you die from AIDS,'" according to HotNewHipHop.

"He also pulls an Eminem from '8 Mile' and calls out SGP for being from 'Ives Dairy,' the name for a nicer area in Miami-Dade County, and not the hood."

Towards the end of the song Curry even threatens to pull up on SGP stating that all he needed was the address.

Things are getting very heated but many sources are saying that SGP should be responding with a track. Do you think "Purrposely" was the final blow?

Listen/Stream Denzel Curry's "Purrposely" Below