Finnish Electronic-Funk Band, Beverly Girl, Set to Release Debut Album Come Mid-May

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Beverly Girl, a Finnish electronic funk and rock band from Helsinki, is releasing their debut album 'Feather and Dust' come mid-May.

The band has performed at many music festivals including Flow Festival, Bassline Festival and Helsinki Pride.

The band has been described as "one of the most orginal and potent newcomers in the Finnish scene" by one of Finland's largest music festivals, Flow Festival. On May 22nd, Beverly Girl will release 'Feather and Dust', their debut album which is bound to be just as popular as their demo, released two years ago.

The demo received tons of radio time worldwide, and 'Feather and Dust' is expected to have the same success.

After listening to Beverly Girl, I had the urge to get up and dance. The funky jams are perfect for a fun night of dancing with friends.

They have a unique sound that I would love to have brought over the pond, especially at summer music festivals around the States.

A recommended song of mine by Beverly Girl is "In The Street". To take a listen, watch the video for the single below!

After the release of 'Feather and Dust', similar sounding to the music of Michael Jackson and Sonic Youth, Beverly Girls will tour and perform around their home country of Finland.

For more information on Beverly Girl, be sure to visit, and help bring their music into popularity of the ears of music listeners here in the US!