B.o.B. Releases 'New Black' Addressing Michael Brown And Ferguson Protests

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B.o.B. is never one to shy away from controversial issues now we have a new track titled "New Black," which addresses the situation in Ferguson, MO.

"We've heard responses in the form of tracks by J. Cole and G-Unit, and now B.o.B throws his hat into the ring with "New Black," says HotNewHipHop.com.

"Unlike the aforementioned J. Cole and G-Unit tracks, "New Black" takes a wider angle to all of this, questioning what it means to be "black" in our current day and age."

His last album featured a song called, "Paper Route," which contained lots of references to issues such as people robbing others for sneakers and killing senselessly even going so far to address the unwarranted tapping of electronic devices. Now in his new song B.o.B. even asks a questions others to tell him how he can be a better African American like he didn't grow up being black America.

Head over to HNHH.com to listen to the track.