Chief Keef And Kanye West Release 'Nobody' The Newest Collaboration Since 'Don't Like'

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The Chi-Town collaboration between Kanye West and Chief Keef is finally here as they release their new track "Nobody."

(Audio Below)

Some fans may be extremely surprised by the track as it takes more of an "808's and Heartbreaks" approach rather than the hardcore approach of "Don't Like," the previous collaboration between Keef, West and the rest of the G.O.O.D. Music artists.

The song features a deep soulful beat with West using the autotune heavily as he ad-libs in the background.

Keef also uses the autotune in his verses and despite the peaceful sounds of the song, Keef still lays down a very street oriented verse.

"Chief Keef has a good number of projects slated for release in the near future, but perhaps the most anticipated is 'Nobody'," according to, "mainly due to the fact that a snippet of the title track has had fans patiently awaiting its arrival ever since hitting the web this summer."

The song is all about fearing "Nobody" and being strapped with a gun everywhere you go. It might be the strangest mash-up that fans have heard from the two but it just seems to fit.

Listen to "Nobody" Below