Wiz Khalifa Poses for Eleven Paris Along With Kate Moss, Terry Richardson

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Eleven Paris is an incredibly popular clothing line in Europe and it looks like it's making a strong run for the states.

For their latest Parisian brand, the company used Kate Moss and rapper Wiz Khalifa who chose their favorite pieces from the collection to be shot in.

The photographer is none other than the legendary Terry Richardson. The resulting pictures are not outlandish or distasteful, they are simple and seductive.

The combination of using a model like Kate Moss, and a tatted up popular rapper results in a perfect embodiment of the Eleven Paris brand.

Oriel Bensimhon, one of the founders of the company, goes on to state: 'We recognise ourselves in their indolence, hedonism and naturally grunge attitude, and I think that they, too, recognised themselves in our collection.

The style was done very simply: we let them choose the clothes that they liked best and it turned out they were the strongest pieces of our new collection.

If ever there was a brand appeal based on photographs, this would be it. It is just drop dead cool.