Tha Dogg Pound Release 'Look @ U' Featuring Snoop Dogg: New Sound

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West Coast legends Tha Dogg Pound have released a new EDM inspired song titled, "Look @ U" featuring Snoop Dogg.

Snoop has been dabbling in other genres of music and it looks like Tha Dogg Pound is following suit.

The song resembles Diplo's "Express Yourself," with it's EDM heavy beat but has a lot more breakdowns that bring it back to a hip-hop vibe.

"While Snoop keeps his input decidedly minimal, Daz and Kurupt sound as fresh as they ever have here," says

All verses are proven to be catered to the radio scene and it does fit. The West Coast style of rap is kicked out of the window in order to generate more of a party vibe.

The song feels like something that will be the background music more many twerking Vines and YouTube videos across the net.

Listen to "Look @ U" Below

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