Still Going Strong: Talib Kweli

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I grew up in an era of awesome music.

Some may call it the golden era, and to be honest, I agree. There are a lot of people that have come and gone in this rap game and a lot who aren't that memorable.

Some of them are geniuses but some of them will have you asking how they even gotten into the doors of a record label. At times, you hear some of the greats from your past come back and totally embarrass themselves trying to keep up with what's going on now instead of setting their own pace. This person, though, got the memo.

I clicked on his video and the pessimist in me was rolling my eyes then I thought, "maybe I should give a shot". When I finally, did you could imagine my expression when the beat began.

That nostalgic New York feel, almost like something premier was created.

Talib Kweli is a hip-hop legend, even if main stream culture doesn't agree.

The beat rocked, and I was impressed with that. Then he started rapping. This rapper wasn't a regular. He was the almighty Kweli: Brooklyn MC, and one of the many heroes of the craft that we still had left. He was back with an awesome single titled "Rare Portraits". It was rare to not hear a Mike Will beat or a southern influenced hook, or anything cliche. It was amazing, and it was rap. He rapped and walked through stadiums giving high fives to fans.

While that was going on, there were pictures of him going through his very impressive career. He went from the bottom up and showed video clips and pictures giving insight and information to where he is coming from. The song went along and it went from a lesson to an ode to those who have passed and gone in hip hop. I was educated and touched.

Talib Kweli proved that he's like when, better with time. His flow and skills are better and he shows he can still rumble with the young ones.

In this game it is important that you show that you can be you, and not what everyone expects you to be. Talib Kweli proved that with this new one. I hope you enjoy as much as I did.

Talib Kweli- Rare Portraits: