Gucci Mane Teases 'First Day Out Part 2' From Jail

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Gucci Mane now in jail decided to tweet a tease to his fans.

The rapper was charged with gun possession in 2013 in which he took a plea deal. The first expected release date was 2016 but now he reports it has been moved up till 2015.

He wrote the first part back in 2006 when he was incarcerated and it was released as a mix-tape. Now the rapper has plans for a part 2 and of course he has released this news from jail.

It also sounds like he will be shooting a music video as soon as he is out.

(First Day Out Part 1 Music Video Below)

Gucci Mane is certainly a rapper that embodies a thug lifestyle. He's been in and out of prison several times and was charged with murder. Those charges were dropped due to a lack of evidence.

Chief Keef is a fellow rapper who released a similar track with the same name. Keef was also serving a 20 day sentence and decided to pay his respects to the idea Mane originated.

(First Day Out Chief Keef Music Video Below)

Fans will be eagerly awaiting the release of not only Mane but another First Day Out song that is inevitable.

It'll be interesting to see how much the lyrics will have changed now that the rapper has been in and out certainly a lot more.