New Kid Cudi Song 'Love' Brings Back The MOTM Cudder: 'Man On The Moon 3' Anticipation Builds

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He returned from his social media a few weeks ago and high off of the announcement of MOTM3 (Man On The Moon 3), Kid Cudi releases a new track titled, "Love," with keys from Dot Da Genius and a killer sample from Ratatat.

(Audio below)

A few hours ago Cudi posted "Love" to his Soundcloud page and the track was apparently recorded during the Satellite Flight sessions according to Cudi.

"Something I made during the SF sessions," said Cudi in his Soundcloud message, "produced by me, keys by Dot. Sample is from one of my favorite Ratatat jams "Sunblocks". And love to Evan and Mike for allowing me to release it..

For you. Hope it brings you some peace if you have a lonely heart out there. byeeeee :)"

The song is very reminiscent of what fans heard on the previous "Man On The Moon" projects and if this is what fans can expect on "Man On The Moon 3," chances are they are going to be very delighted.

It's Cudi in all his psychedelic and spaced out world, while being an anthem for those who may have been heartbroken and are still searching for true love.

It's the perfect Kid Cudi recipe for success and it looks like he is finally ready to share some more music with the world.

Earlier this year he set out on a social media campaign to bring back all of the producers that were a part of the first projects in order to bring the journey right back to where it all started in the first place.

Check out the new offering below.

Listen to "Love" Below