Joe Buck On 'The Howard Stern Show' Says He Peed Calling Touchdown

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Today on The Howard Stern Show, Joe Buck joined the crew to talk about his career, his family, and the fans. The conversation was interesting and at times shocking, as Buck talked about some of his most embarrassing moments.

In one clip, he talks about why Yankee fans hate him:

He also talks about calling his first World Series:

And he tells some crazy stories, like this one about how he peed while he was calling a touchdown:

Also on the show today, "Steve from Florida" (formerly "Bobo") called in to talk about losing is name after the a new Bobo -- Bronx Bobo -- called in to talk about Benjy.

Steve/Bobo called in after a multi-week ban to express his outrage about losing his number (697). Apparently, the new Bobos are using Bobo with the number 697 on Twitter as well.

He's concerned that one of the new Bobos would be verified by Twitter before him. Howard noted that his actual Twitter handle is @bobohstern and doesn't include the 697.

After Howard played a new Bobo song (without the name Bobo) in honor of the Mary Tyler Moore theme song, another Bobo called in to say that he just got verified, erupting in a back-and-forth with Steve/Original Bobo.

Shuli noted that Steve had been calling all the time concerned about his Twitter handle.

Howard asked "what are you afraid of? That someone is gonna tweet out something stupid and you won't get credit for it?" Steve responded that he was concerned about his legacy for his children.

Steve then complained about he can't send his photo to get verified because the photo is to high-resolution to fit in email.

Shuli explained Steve's process for coming up with questions: he goes for a walk and sits on a bridge to meditate, then comes up with questions.

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