Die Antwoord's New Video for "Pitbull Terrier" is the Stuff of Nightmares

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Die Antwoord just released the video for their song, "Pitbull Terrier" in anticipation for their new album, Donker Mag.

The South African rap-rave group is known for their outlandish, zef style and absurd antics, so we weren't surprised when we saw their latest contribution, which features an abundance of blood, saliva, and creepy prosthetics.

In the video, MC Ninja dons a frighteningly realistic dog mask while female cohorts adopt scant, skin-tight cat suits.

?o-Landi Vi$$er, meanwhile, runs around in a hooded cloak, white face paint, and black contacts, playing the role of some kind of sorceress.

With the humanoid animals and witchery, the whole thing reads a lot like a kinky, 'B' horror flick. Wearing a spiked collar and led by a young boy on a skateboard, Ninja hobbles around on all fours, slobbering, humping legs, and mauling people (including one man who looks suspiciously like the rapper, Pitbull).

He is, as we find out at the end of the video, under some kind of spell, which has turned him into a horny, man-dog killing machine.

It's Vi$$er's job to track the beast down before he does any more harm and break the spell--which she does by hawking a loogie into his mouth.

You can watch the entire thing below...if you're not squeamish, that is.

Donker Mag will hit stores June 3rd. This will be their first album since their 2012 release of Ten$ion.